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Ergon Portland Stone:

Portland Stone by Ergon is a rectified porcelain tile in 5 colors inspired by the most prestigious british limestones quarried in the Isle of Portland, in Dorset (England, UK). It is offered both in 9.5mm LFT (Large Format Tile) sizes as well as 6.5mm GPPs (Gauged Porcelain Panels): from 12x24โ€ to 48x48โ€ at 9.5mm and 48x109โ€ in 6.5mm. It showcases a very natural vein-cut and cross-cut stone look. It is complemented by a 12x24โ€ and 24x48โ€ wall decor called Lines, bullnose and various types of mosaics: standard 2x2โ€ or WallCut.