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Ergon is the outcome of an italian research program which has engaged the resources of the entire company, from raw materials research to production equipment design. Along with its extraordinary aesthetics, inspired by natural materials, Ergon stands out for its mechanical and chemical resistance and unchanged cleanability throughout its service life.

This is what makes Ergon the first in a new generation of italian porcelain products.

Ergon Abacus Ergon Architect Resin Ergon Aurelia Ergon Cornerstone Ergon Cornerstone Alpen Ergon Elegance
Ergon USA Essential Brick Ergon Grainstone Ergon Lombarda Ergon Medley ergon oros stone Pigmento
Portland Ergon Stone Project Ergon Stonetalk Ergon Stonehenge Ergon Trend Ergon Woodtalk Ergon Wood Touch